Cruise Ship Swimming Pools

UV Systems for Swimming Pools Onboard Cruise Ships

As a key feature aboard most cruise ships, swimming pools and aquatic water features often form the center of attraction for uses of all ages.  atg UV Technology are the worlds’ leading supplier of UV Systems for swimming pools and aquatic applications worldwide, and have developed a range of aquatic UV Systems engineeered spcifically for the marine environment for use aboard cruise ships.  

Aquatic marine UV systems feature: -

  • NSF Certification
  • Model Aquatic Health Code
  • 230V, 400V & 690V operation
  • Low smoke zero halogen cabling
  • Vibration proof control panels
  • Rack mounted power supplys
  • Increased IP protection


Bennefits of Using UV for Aquatics

Improves Health & Safety
UV is a highly effective disinfection technology used widely in drinking water and beverage production. A correctly sized medium pressure (MP) UV treatment system will allow swimming pool operators to reduce their residual chlorine levels down to as little as 0.5 ppm.

Even the 17 known chlorine-resistant pathogenic microorganisms are easily treated with UV.

Cryptosporidium Protection
Due to a thick outer membrane, it takes more than 10 days to destroy cryptosporidium in a normal pool using traditional chemical methods (25 OC with free chlorine levels of 1 ppm).
Considered the best protection technology available, UV systems are proven as an effective barrier to safeguard against Cryptosporidium, Giardia and the 15 other chlorine resistant waterborne microorganisms.

Only UV systems that have undergone independent 3rd party validation testing can be trusted to deliver a 99.9% reduction of Cryptosporidium in a single pass., and meet te requirements of the MAHC.

Reduces Problem Chloramines
Chloramines are the unpleasant chemical formations created when chlorine combines with the nitrogenous compounds introduced to the pool by bathers. Chloramines are powerful irritants which are responsible for eye, skin, respiratory complaints and the unpleasant ‘chlorine smell’ commonly associated with indoor pools. Chloramines are also corrosive and can lead to the damage of pool buildings and structures, through stress corrosion cracking.

Improves Water Quality
Medium pressure UV systems initiate photo-oxidation reactions which remove unwanted organic contaminants, resulting in crystal clear, sparkling water. This occurs both by direct photolysis and through the production of hydroxyl radicals, a highly reactive chemical species which oxidises and breaks down organic compounds and contaminants. These reactions lower the organic loading of the water and significantly improve its clarity.

UV-C light is a proven and effective barrier for Cryptosporidium and other emerging chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Giardia. Used extensively in drinking water for over 100 years, many leisure operators are now installing UV systems as standard to ensure their water does not pose a risk to public health and safety.